Quick Installation Guide of Utsusemi for Windows#


Yasuhiro Inamura, Ryoichi Kajimoto

Last update

Apr. 7th, 2023

Utsusemi version

4.0 or later

Requirements for Windows#

  1. Utsusemi works on only Windows 10 and 11 64bit version. We never support 32bit version.

  2. Account name of Windows must be constructed of English and numerical characters . If you use other character type ( Japanese, Chinese and so on ), you must create new accounts.

Installation procedures#

We have two binary installers for Windows. One is the all-in-one installer , which includes the python environment (python itself and the python libraries required from Utsusemi). The other is the minimum installer which does not include python’s environment.

All-in-one installer#

This installer is recommended for beginners.

  1. Install Utsusemi environment (Utsusemi programs and the python environment) by the installer

  2. Set up the environment

Minimum installer#

This installer requires users’ skills to build the required environment on linux.

  1. Construct python environment required from Utsusemi (Python3.9, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, PySide6)

  2. Install only Utsusemi programs by the installer

  3. Set up the environment

Installation (all-in-one)#

In this section, we show the installation by means of the all-in-one installer. The case of the minimum installer is touched at next section.

Double clicks the installer file to install Utsusemi4.



If the previous version of Utsusemi has been installed, you must uninstall it at first.

  1. Installation wizard window comes up

    Normal installation wizard window comes up. Push “Next” button to progress installation.


  2. End-User License Agreement

    Accept the terms in the License Agreement and push “Next” button.


  3. Destination Folder

    Choose destination folder ( Default is “C:¥¥Program Files¥Utsusemi¥” ) and push “Next” button.


  4. Ready to install Utsusemi

    Push “Install” button.


  5. During installation, the dialog for “User Account Control”

    Push “Yes” button.


  6. Finished (Completed the Utsusemi Setup Wizard)

    It takes about 2 or 3 minutes to finish installation.


  7. Confirmation of installation

    Installed software can be found in “Start” menu.


Installation (minimum type)#

The minimum type installer is used to install the Utsusemi programs on the existing Python 3.9.x environment, as of April, 2023.

Before the installation, you need to construct the required python environment as below, but details are not mentioned.

  • Python3.9 and python libraries, required from Utsusemi, must be installed.

  • Python3.9 can be executed on a command prompt application, which is achieved by setting some environment variables.

The required Python version and packages.

the packages required by a minimum BinaryInstaller for win#




numpy, scipy, matplotlib, PySide6

Finally, the required python environment means the system in which you can launch python3.9 on a command prompt program and can import the required python packages without errors, as below.

Python 3.9.16 (main, Mar  8 2023, 10:39:24) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information
>>> import numpy
>>> import scipy
>>> import matplotlib
>>> import PySide6

Installed Applications#

You will find a set of Utsusemi software in the folder given in installation process ( default is C:¥¥Program Files¥Utsusemi¥ ). And a shortcut is made at

“Start” menu -> All programs -> Utsusemi


Here, the following programs will be prepared. The details will be described later.




Launch D4MatSlicer


Launch D4Mat2Slicer


Launch M2PlotPlus


Launch MPlot


Launch SequenceEditor

Utsusemi Environment Setting

[Environment setting] Set the environment variables for Utsusemi

Utsusemi Shell

Launch “Command Prompt” with Utsusemi environment

Set up#

Preparation (Creation of necessary folders)#

The following two folders must be prepared. These folders store raw data and temporary files.

Folder (Environment variable)


Data folder (DATA_DIR)

The folder to store raw data (Same as “/data” in the Linux version.)

Analysis folder (USR_DIR)

The folder to include ana and tmp folders in which temporary files are stored (Same as “$HOME” in the Linux version)

Work folder (WORK_DIR)

The folder where you do data treatment with Utsusemi, to be used to put some Utsusemi scripts in this folder

The above two folders can be prepared in arbitrary places. For example,



Data folder


Analysis folder



Environment setting and requirements#

The initial setting of Utsusemi must be done by using Utsusemi Environment Setting .


This setting must be done at least once after the installation.

Setting items are below.

  • The instrument environment

  • Two folders to store raw data and analysis temporal information.

  • Logging

  • The number of processers for high performance on analysis

  • Switching debug mode

If you analyze raw data set obtained from other instrument, you must change the instrument environment in this setting.

Launch Environment Setting#

Launch Utsusemi Environment Settings from “Start” menu >> Utsusemi


Setting Items#

Environment Variables for Utsusemi on Windows#

Setting Items

meanings / roles


Choose the instrument for data analysis. Raw data folder and executable commands are changed to suitable ones.

Log quiet

Turn on to decrease logs of analysis commands.

Font Size

Set the font size on GUI applications. Normaly 12 or 14 is used. Note that the increase or decrease of the size causes the disorder of GUI parts layout.

Number of threads

Some analysis commands are affected by this value. Normally you set the number of CPUs in your PC.

Debug mode

Turn on / off the debug mode of Utsusemi. Off is usually selected.


Folder to store raw data (Same as “/data” in the Linux version)


Place to locate “ana” and “tmp” folders to store temporary files (Same as “$HOME” in the Linux version)

Finishing Setting#

After setting, push OK button. Then you see confirmation dialog as below.


If you meet an error dialog instead of this, check whether the given path to two folders are existed or not.

After closing this dialog, following folders are automatically created in the folder specified by USR_DIR.

  • ana folder

  • tmp folder and xml folder under ana folder


If there is no folder above, Utsusemi Environment Settings makes these folders automatically.


If you cannot find these folders, you must make them by yourself to avoid the failure of Utsusemi launch.

On the other hand, you make folders to store raw data DATA_DIR according to a rule described in next section.

Rule for data location#

Raw data should be stored in the folder specified by DATA_DIR according to the following rule.

  1. Create a folder who has the same name as the instrument code.

    For example, “SIK” for 4SEASONS (BL01) and “AMR” for AMATERAS (BL14).

  2. Place the data folder of corresponding instrument in this folder. The name of the data folder must include each Run No.

    For example, “SIK012345_20150301” for 4SEASONS.


    Instrument code|Example of data folder
















Data analysis#

After completing the environment setting and preparing raw data, you can perform data analysis.

The following applications are available from “Start” menu.

Utsusemi Environment Setting

Set and confirm the environment variables for Utsusemi. Refer to “Launch Environment Setting” section.

MPlot, M2PlotPlus

Launch Utsusemi Plotters. Same as ones in Linux version.


1-dimentional data plotter


2-dimentional data plotter and slicer

D4MatSlicer, D4Mat2Slicer

Launch D4MatSlicer or D4Mat2Slicer, same as one in Linux version.


Launch SequenceEditor, same as one in Linux version.

Utsusemi Shell

Launch CommandPrompt under Utsusemi environment. In this terminal, you can execute commands defined on the selected instrument environment and any script made by yourself.

For details of each application, please refer to Utsusemi Users’ Manual.

Running Utsusemi on CommandPrompt#

Python scripts including Utsusemi commands can be run without utilizing the above applications. In particular, if you try any new idea of data analysis, you need to utilize the Utsusemi environment on the CommandPrompt app. The following is the procedure.

  1. Launch Utsusemi Shell by click its icon.

  2. Command Prompt is running with Utsusemi environments. Then you can change current working directory.

  3. You can launch python interpreter on Command Prompt to execute any script.

Version number confirmation#

Utusemi version can be seen in the following ways. It is useful when you report bugs or update Utsusemi.

  1. Installer file name

    Installer file name consists of two sets of numbers.




    Release number


    Last update date

  2. Execute command in Utsusemi Shell

    Launch Utsusemi Shell, and run the following command.

    >>> import utsusemi
    >>> utsusemi.__version__


    >>> import UtsusemiInfo

    Then, the following information is displayed.

                   Utsusemi Info
             version :  X.Y.yymmdd
      Contact person : Yasuhiro Inamura
              e-mail : xxxxx.yyyyy@j-parc.jp

    X.Y is the release number.


To uninstall Utsusemi, allow the default uninstall way on Windows.

  1. “Start” menu -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall

  2. Launch Utsusemi installer and choose “Uninstall” button.

However, this does not completely all the relevant files, and some folders show below are remained. Delete them manually is you want.

C:¥¥Program Files¥Utsusemi (folder)

In addition, several configuration files are remained. Although these files will be used when you re-install Utsusemi, you may delete them.

C:¥¥Users¥UserAccount¥AppData¥Roaming¥Utsusemi (folder)


Mainly troubles cause at two situations as below.

The problem happened just after installation#

After installation, the applications are not launched, almost of such troubles cause from a failure of installation or from incorrect environment settings. Once you should uninstall and install again at first. Then do environment settings. If trouble comes though re-installation, please tell us a report.

In past, we’ve met these troubles,

  • version of the installed Python is invalid. ( python 32bit installed )

  • two or more Pythons are installed.

  • Add python.exe to Path setting is skipped at the installation of Python.

To solve of multiple python installations, following is the procedure.

  1. Try uninstall for each python.

  2. Some python will be not uninstalled because of the broken python program. At that time, find and launch the python installer of broken version and choose “Repair” instead of “Install” to fix the program.

  3. Try uninstall again.

  4. At last, install correct version of python.

Error happens during executing commands#

If you feel something wrong on Utsusemi works, for example no progress of commands steps, please send a report about your situations and a log shown in CommandPrompt window.

About situations of troubles#

To report your trouble, you include the information as below :

  • What you are going to

  • Which software or command you are using

  • What you did

  • What happened